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Bevel automates the application, underwriting and funding process. Our web-based system gives you access to multiple qualified lenders, speedy funding and great rates.

How does Bevel store my business and personal information?

Bevel’s security infrastructure is powered by the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud. As a Bevel client, you benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. Your data is only used to secure credit for your business under the terms in our application.

Does Bevel do a hard credit pull? Will this process impact my credit score?

Bevel only performs a soft credit pull during your application process. This does not impact your credit or credit score. Once we match you with a finance partner who approves your financing request, they may perform a full credit pull to validate your creditworthiness and formally approve your funding.

How does Bevel make money?

Bevel’s network of funding partners pays for deal flow from the Bevel Financial marketplace. The lender typically pays Bevel a fee or commission after closing your loan. The fee structure may vary based on the service being provided. Please check out our Solutions tab for a complete list of services the Bevel team provides.

How quickly can I get funding for my business?

For qualified buyers requesting $250K or less, we target funding within 24 hours. Larger requests may vary based on access to business information and the requested funding guidelines. Our team has assisted in placing over $100MM in financing for various businesses. All requests are welcome, no matter the complexity.

What is shared economy asset financing?

The shared economy marketplace has experienced a boom over the last decade. Shared economy marketplaces like Airbnb, Turn, Coop, and others present an excellent opportunity to generate passive income. Bevel Financial is here to help asset owners capture their share of the business. Talk to us about your business goals today.

How can I get started?

Get started by submitting your application for credit today.

How do I get in touch?

Schedule a meeting with a Bevel Relationship Manager to discuss your business goals.