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Our Story

At Bevel Financial, we’ve created full-cycle lending solutions that streamline the financing process for our clients, lenders, and vendors. Our embedded financing technology platform connects you to the best products and service providers in the world.

Where we started

After working for years in businesses dealing with the same issues our clients face, we built Bevel Financial to ensure that someone is looking out for them during the financing process.

To us, your goals matter

We’ve been where you are, so we know how to advocate for your needs. To us, your goals matter. So to help you achieve them, we deliver a business financing marketplace that empowers growth and ensures capital efficiency.

Our goal is to make the financing process quick, friendly, and easy to understand. We are a team of operators that has switched sides to conquer the operational delays, headaches, and constraints centered around finding and securing commercial financing. The Bevel system connects you to your ideal funding source to accelerate the funding process, make scaling more accessible, and bring transparency to lending.